Whatsapp Web Toplu Resim İndirme

Hello everyone, friends,

Now, I want to share a nice trick about whatsapp, the most used application in the world.

Sometimes, we may have difficulties in the whatsapp application, which has become a part of our daily life.

When you want any photo from your friend, the first thing that comes to mind is Whatsapp.

We can send without any problems in sending from the phone to the phone, there is no problem in this regard, everything is very nice, but when we want to transfer those photos to the computer, it is sometimes difficult to use cables, bluetooth, card readers, etc.

When the question of how to handle this easily came to mind, we were looking for the solution on WhatsApp on the web, but we knew that it does not allow to download photos in bulk on the web, which is not :)

Yes, friends, you can download photos sent by your friends to your computer, thanks to WhatsApp web, without writing any code on the developer tab of your browser.

For this, we open the whatsapp web. We click on the name of the person who shared the photo with us and move on to the conversation window with that person.

Then, we click on the name of the person at the top of the page and click on the media, links and documents in the contact information section on the right.

After clicking it, a list of all the photos we shared with that person comes up. After checking the tiki in the upper left corner of the photos we want to download in bulk and clicking the download button above We download the selected photos to our computer as a zip file.

I am happy if I could help you with this article :)